be still

  be calm.   be well.    be you.   

About Be Still Massage & Wellness

Be Still Massage & Wellness came to Brittany in late 2020 early 2021. Brittany will be a LMT in June of this year and she is also taking a nutrition course to help people with all their needs. Brittany originally started massage school January 2020, because of her son who was having gut issues and the doctors were no help and she wanted to find something that can help him in a more holistic/natural way. With all the research she decided to become a massage therapist. While in school learning all the health benefits massage can give and how massage is really for anyone and promotes the body to heal itself how it was made to do she started massaging her sons stomach and also with the help of the practitioner at Eating Elevated her sons gut was back to good health. That is where Brittany also decided to take a nutrition course to integrate it in with the Be Still practice. How did Be Still get its name? Brittany was praying for weeks on what she would like her business to be called especially since it was also apart of her business class grade, it came to her as she was giving a massage - she heard God say be still and know, that is when Be Still got its name. We are excited for the big things we have planned for this business and we thank you for your support and patience as we start this!